Ride. Tri. Run. Endless product choices.

CUORE is the definition of precision and passion coming together to create performance apparel individualized for you. Our years of experience, at all levels of sport, combined with a detailed product range, will work to enhance your athletic quest, whatever it may be. CUORE is cycling, run and triathlon clothing made with precise accuracy and purpose.

We consider the way you move, the way you sweat, and the way you compete - our apparel delivers results. Whether you’re competing against your nemesis, the peloton, the wind, the terrain or yourself, CUORE is gear that’s absolutely dialed for what’s ahead.

CUORE Custom: Segments - Cycling - Road


Performance, selection and design, specifically for you. CUORE knows cycling. From the best pros to the first-time event rider, we have been there and taken no short cuts to ensure that your ride will be backed by apparel that spares nothing on form, fit and comfort.

Rider type, weather and terrain, time on the bike, design aesthetic and your taste are all unique. CUORE produces performance pieces that are crafted with precision and thought to ensure each garment not serves just a purpose, but will deliver excellence on every ride.

CUORE Custom: Segments - Triathlon


Swim, bike, run. All different needs from an apparel perspective, requiring products that work for you across each discipline, in harmony. The CUORE triathlon collection offers a full range of race performance at the highest level to, designed to optimize every effort.

Whether it’s an ITU world level event or your first-time local triathlon, CUORE covers the spectrum. Our materials, construction and design are sourced, built and tested by a team across the world that continually thinks and proves how to make your triathlon experience faster, smoother and seamless, in every sense.


Optimal running experiences require apparel that enhances the experience, not detract from it. Whether you are trying for a marathon or on a short jog with friends, you expect the best products regarding fit, function and design. We’ve developed a run collection that meets all your needs and will optimize your run, trail or road. The offering we built allows for full customization to showcase your individual design, team or event.

CUORE Custom: Segments - Lifestyle


We want our customers to feel comfortable before and after their ride as well - whether in the café around the corner or as a team on the way to the next event. From T-shirts and hoodies to Primaloft jackets, we offer our customers products that complement their sports clothing and create a perfect overall team picture.

We build quality into every stitch and performance into every gram.

Our ethos of “passion meets precision” extend throughout every segment to ensure that whatever your choice, every piece will deliver at our functional, quality, and performance standards. Interested?