Producing sports apparel with a minimal environmental impact.

We advocate for the creation of high-quality clothing manufactured ethically and on demand, with a focus on minimizing waste as a strategic approach to reducing the overall environmental impact on our planet.

Throughout our production cycle - from order placement to delivery - we've taken steps to reduce packaging waste, exclusively employ eco-friendly water-based inks, and ensure the recycling or repurposing of materials at every stage.

  • CUORE: Responsibility - fabrics


    Producing superior quality products in an ethical way which last for many years is our strategic way to lessen the broader environmental costs to our planet. Adhering to rigorous HIGG and OEKO-TEX® standards, we collaborate with suppliers to source environmentally friendly materials.

  • CUORE: Responsibility - people


    The well-being of our workers is integral to our success and our goal is to create a better, more prosperous life for them. Striving to be the best place to work in our industry, we focus on delivering excellence for them in every aspect of our business.

  • CUORE: Responsibility - solar power


    We continuously look for ways to mitigate our environmental impact across our entire value chain and have taken steps for inimizing waste, using hydroelectric power in our factory and investing in renewable energy for our sales offices.

We look at every detail to lower our impact and raise our standards.

Our team of graphic designers, customer service facilitators and production staff work in synchronization to create bespoke apparel that elevates the sporting experience while considering sustainable aspects. Don't hesitate to contact us for further details and to get started with your custom kit.