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While the majority of the western hemisphere falls into hibernation for winter, or torture themselves through virtual cycling worlds, this news post concentrates on all those who dare to venture outside in wind and weather.

Thanks to fabric innovations and weaving technologies, today an athlete can manage to stay outside with considerably fewer layers. Our core task is to guarantee function and fit even on the coldest days without overheating or losing your freedom of movement.


Winter riding can be made much more comfortable and efficient by wearing optimal clothing.

CUORE’s Thermal Fabrics

For functional winter sports clothing, a special fabric in different grades is used. "Thermal" is a material that – from the outside – cannot be visually distinguished from summer products. The specialty is the inside facing the skin, which is "brushed". This special treatment produces a wonderfully soft surface that has a pleasant feel to skin, similar to that of fine wool.


Close-up of the pleasantly soft and comfortable inside of a thermal product.

In contrast to the natural product, the advantage here is that it is hydrophobic, i.e. highly moisture-repellent, and thus keeps moisture away from the body and clothing. This way the garment never loses its shape even under the toughest conditions.

Depending on the intended use, we pre-shrink the materials to influence the stretch properties and resistance of the final garment. We pay special attention to high breathability so that at maximum performance sweat doesn’t become uncomfortable.

Active Shield

We use different thermal materials for different sections of a product to provide more weather protection in the most exposed areas of the chest and front of the arms, while highly breathable material is used on the back. The material we use in this case is called Active Shield.


Weaving processes and yarn properties have a crucial influence on how a product behaves in the field.


Back of an Active Shield Jersey with highly breathable material to prevent overheating.


At CUORE we rely on highly stretchable fabrics so they fit snugly to the body and also offer the possibility of putting on a further layer in addition to the base layer.


Members of the Swiss Racing Academy with complete thermal equipment during the preparation in February.

Unlike most of our summer jerseys, our winter jerseys and jackets have a high collar. This collar must also fit tightly to prevent cold air from entering the neck. At the same time the easily accessible zipper allows you to regulate how much air you want to let in. On some of our winter tops, the back sections have been lengthened to protect you from wet and mud even when stretched out on the bike.


Whether on World Tour level like WNT-ROTOR rider Erica Magnaldi or in the recreational area: the snugger the clothing, the better. (Active Shield Vest, Thermal Bib Short, Thermal Arm and Knee Warmers, LF Neo Race Gloves)


This topic would be worth a feature of its own given how many options of leg protection we offer.

There is simply no general concept, but different variation possibilities like e.g.

  • Combination of Thermal Bib Shorts with Knee or Leg Warmers
  • Combination of a Summer Bib Short with a Thermal Bib Tight without Chamois
  • Thermal Bib Tight with chamois
  • Combination of a Thermal Bib Short with Thermal Bib Tight without chamois (deep winter)

Finding your ideal combination depends entirely on your personal preference, your intentions and of course weather conditions.


Winter pants are in no way inferior to the comfort and workmanship of summer clothing and make year-round riding fun possible even in winter.

Interested in winterized clothing for your team or want to learn more about our thermal apparel? Get in touch with us here:

All images courtesy of Donnelly Cycling, WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling,Swiss Racing Academy, Creamseoul,Brazo de Hierro, CUORE of Switzerland