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Active Shield

One For All

The name says it all: Active Shield protects riders from harsh weather conditions by keeping wind off the rider while at the same time keeping breathability to a maximum and maintaining body temperature. Marketing lingo done.

We think it’s time to go one layer deeper. Literally.

A Closer Look

Close-up view of our Active Shield fabric.

Usually, off-season riding means layering up. Jersey, warmers, vest, wind jacket, rain jacket – all this extra weight ends up constraining a body’s mobility and comfort. More weight means less power where it’s needed. Listening to the needs of professional teams and riders all over the world, we had to find a better way.

After endless sourcing sessions, R&D iterations and hardcore testing later we’ve created our first Active Shield products. Now you can extend your cycling season and train outdoors in a high performance and lightweight way without suffering from challenging weather conditions.


This is achieved by combining two very versatile layers of fabric with a technical compound into one protective shell. The outer layer is a tightly knitted, but highly breathable 4-way stretch fabric, blocking wind completely out. The middle layer consists of a porous, ultra-flexible and less than 0.2 millimeters laminate, which combines the outer and inner layers with each other. It reinforces the windproof effect while at the same time ensures air exchange from the body to the outside. The final layer on the inside provides snug comfort, maximum breathability and mobility one requires from a top-notch garment to wear in the harshest weathers.

And on top of that? Active Shield’s outer shell is completely customizable and therefore the perfect item for teams to show off their colors during worst weather conditions.

Custom made examples of Active Shield Jersey team wear kits

Active Shield Jersey

The spearhead for winter training and races on cold days! We wanted a product that would protect us from the winds of the Swiss Alps just as effectively as it would protect us from sudden cold spells in Colorado or the Pyrenees.

active shield product

Virtue L/Sleeve Active Shield Jersey

Retail version of our best-selling cold weather item, with optional features such as reflecting elements, communication pocket and additional details.


The Active Shield Jersey works in several ways: it allows you to perform the hardest training in cold conditions without sacrificing freedom of movement and breathability. The entire frontal surface of the upper body and arms is equipped with Active Shield fabric, while the backside is characterized by a thermal fabric providing warmth while pushing moisture out. A high tapered collar provides additional warmth and wind protection while the innovative combination of raglan and set-in technique for the arms underlines the Jersey’s race fit.

WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling Team

Members of the UCI Women’s World Tour team wearing customized Active Shield Jerseys during training for Strade Bianchi.

Since its launch, the Active Shield Jersey has established itself in all variations of cycling. Today, it is used by athletes all over the world in road, mountain and cyclocross races and training.

Active Shield Vest

A sleeveless version used for unpredictable fall and spring conditions when a regular vest doesn’t offer enough protection and warmth. The race cut of the Active Shield Vest fits like a second skin above a rider’s jersey. Its sleeve holes have an ergonomically perfect trim, which ensures that no outer grime can enter through them.


In addition, a smooth-running zipper ensures that the vest can be opened and closed with one hand while the other holds the handlebar securely. And like its long-sleeved cousin it has 3 flat laying pockets for food, tools, and additional equipment.

Active Shield Gloves

The third item to feature the innovative Active Shield technology. Imagine all the above described add on the back of your hand. It’s THE lightweight glove you were always looking for spring and fall conditions. Find out more about the additional features in our shop version and remember that you can easily customize them into your own.


Want to step up your team’s cold weather game, too? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Photographer Virtue L/Sleeve Active Shield Jersey by Brazo de Hierro

WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling Rider images courtesy of WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling

Custom Active Shield Gloves image courtesy of La Chance Club Cycliste, Paris